Kim van Male is a fully qualified acupuncturist specialized in rheumatic complaints and fibromyalgia.

“In 2004 I started to study law which I completed successfully in 2009. After working in the legal profession, due to my father and his wife (Hans van Male and Honglin Liu), my fascination about Chinese medicine was aroused. My curiosity was getting bigger and I decided to start studying Chinese medicine.”

To get a good perception of symptoms and diseases and improving her ability as a therapist, Kim van Male has also received a degree in Western Medicine. Kim also went onto receive a qualification in dry needling to improve her quality and her knowledge in the range of treatments available.

“I find the personal attention I am able to give the client one of the most important things about acupuncture. I don’t categorize clients on a treatment basis, I treat them on a personal basis; in which I pay careful attention to body and mind. It is my objective to turn my client’s energy into balance and to ensure that they can maintain this. Chinese medicine offers the possibility to adapt each treatment to the client, in order to obtain the best results. In the end, every person is different.”


    • Acupuncture
    • Eastern Medicine, to gain a better perception of Western medical problems
    • Dry needling, for more diversity and quality of the treatment
    • Prolonged internship with Honglin Liu

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