Dry needling is a technique that is used in Western medicine, especially by physiotherapists. This treatment, in which a very thin needle directly goes into a trigger point, is specifically. Such a trigger point is a local paved spot in a muscle, which could cause all kinds of pain. The pain may be felt directly at the trigger point, or at some distance around the trigger point. Because there is no liquid injected, it is called ‘dry needling’. All pain problems caused by trigger points, can be treated with this technique. This includes, back and shoulder pain, arm pain (tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI), headaches, migraines, jaw and toothache, earache, (radiating) leg pains and cramps.

Depending on the patient and the nature of the complaint, there may also be chosen for “superficial” dry needling. This means that the needle is not placed in a trigger point but just slightly above. In many cases, the acupuncturist prefers this treatment because superficial dry needling is less intensive for the patient and in many cases causes less “after-pain”, which can be compared to muscular pain after a heavy workout.