Acupuncture is able to influence the Qi of the body by inserting a fine needle at specific points on the meridians. Meridians are directional pathways of the energy flow of Qi through the body. By placing the needles, the acupuncturist stimulates the body to restore their own balance.

During the acupuncture treatment the Qi is able to flow better through the body, by removing any obstacle that might hinder Qi from flowing freely. It may be experienced as a tingling sensation or just a heavy feeling around the needle. In general, an acupuncture treatment will create a better flow of energy, removes possible energy blockage and increases the amount of energy or moves energy to the area where more energy is required.

Acupuncture can be used for various complaints. It can be effectively used in all kinds of allergies, joint pain, gynecological problems, digestive problems, addictions, or various mental disorders such as sleep disturbances, restlessness or depression. Click here for a comprehensive list of indications for the different symptoms that can be treated with acupuncture.